The Hashmukkah Miracle Continues

Two more great nights of hashing in the spirits of the season are under our belts!  Hazzzah to you all Brother and Sister Hashers!  Thank you all for making B2H3 a great place to be.

The second night of Hashmukkah was led by Minnesota Goat Fucker and Just Finn McGeeUncle Bondage, No Choades Barred, Dr. Penis Venkman, Just Cool Hand Luke, Takes A Bigger Cock, Unholy Nipples, Donnie The Retard, Struggle Snuggle, Red Blood Gives You Wings, and Doktor Helga von Boobin’ braved the beer free trail.  WELCUM Just George Micheal Hunt and Just George Mrs. Michael Hunt, who were foolish enough to trust Dr. Venkman. They had a good time on trail anyway and WILL BE BACK.

The third night of Hashmukkah was a frigid bitch out at Ocean View Park, no not that one the other one.  Donnie The Retard laid trail for us and may have used the Bare Check for the first time in Bear Bottom history.  Well done sir.  Uncle Bondage, Stretch Ass Strong, Dr. Penis Venkman, Just Cool Hand Luke, That 70s Bush, Struggle Snuggle, Unholy Nipples, and I’d Fuck Me rounded out the pack.

Fri 12/19 – 4th Night: Unholy Nipples – Fred Meyers near Victor Road
Sat 12/20 – 5th Night: BYE NIGHT  – A2’s 12 Beer Checks of Hashmas
Sun 12/21 – 6th Night: I’d Fuck Me – LOCATION TBD
Mon 12/22 – 7th Night: Dr. Penis Venkman – LOCATION TBD
Tue 12/23 – 8th Night: Uncle Bondage, Esq. – LOCATION TBD ***Circle to follow***