On the 12th Trail of Hashmas…

My true hare gave to me,
12 PBRs,
11 Hashers hashing,10 Whistles blowing,
9 Songs a singing,
8 Boobs a showing,
7 Cocks a swinging,
6 False indictments,
5 Naughty checks,
4 Water crossings,
3 Virgins cumming,
2 Bags of flour,
and the FRB drunk on his faaaaaaaaace.

Gather round hares, harriers and harriettes for the final trail of Hashmas.  Join us for circle even if the weather out side is so frightful you can’t cum run.
When: 1/6/2015 18:00 Hare at 18:30
Where: 4600 Old Seward Highway
Trail: A-A Dogs: NO ID: CIRCLE only.

You can bet your ass (and fingers and toes) that trail will cold.  We don’t like dirty digits, but we don’t want them to freeze off either.  Please dress accordingly. Expect trail length to be commensurate with the pack size and the shittiness of the weather.