On the 6th Trail of Hashmas…

My true hare gave to me,
6 False Indictments,
5 Naughty Checks,
4 Water Crossings,
3 Virgins Cumming,
2 Bags of Flour,
And the FRB drunk on his face!!!!

Fantastic! We’ve made it half way through the series! It’s just like hump day. Wait, it IS hump day. Come on out for a fun New Years Eve afternoon trail led by Just Jason.

Jewel Lake Bowling Center 8801 Jewel Lake Road 99502
Trail at 1430 – Hares away at 1500

Dogs: YES! ID: NO!

Hash Cash: FREE! If you want a series patch it’s $20 which also covers circle on the last day. (If you bought in earlier it would have covered the Saturday circle too. Sucker.)

Thanks again to Motley Speww and Struggle for the great verses that are just like a little light on to show us the way.