B2H3 101: Make it a Habit

50016100140__a7e0ec5a-42e2-4305-8a71-16b0e2fb0a63Normally, this is where I make up something that I think is pithy, hoping to convey my excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming trail.  Today I think it’s best if I just share the exchange I had with the hare and you can make up your own mind about what to do.

gDOAbm: Make it a habit! Trail starts at University Lake Park, on Elmore.  ID required.  No dogs, no strollers.  Cleats and ice skates strongly recommended.

UncleB: Skates?

gDOAbm: Mostly a joke.  There is lake ice on trail.

There you have it folks.  Bring out your finest nunwear for the shiggiest this shoulder season can offer.  going Down On A bull moose and Rojo Hammer Toe all the way from squarebanks are showing it off for us to show off.

Saturday 1300 – Hares at 1330 – Nun costumes highly encouraged.  Hash cash is always $5.

Rojo is going to be in town for the weekend so be prepared for extra credit events!