B2H3 66 Drill Weekend

Harriers, harriettes, and half-minds: our dearest brother Fucking Jewed Us screwed up in a new and interesting way. He volunteered to hare (yah!!!) but didn’t realize that he DOES NOT actually have drill. He’s actually going to follow through and set up a trail (not in the hills). Bring your pipes for singing some cheer to the muggles.

WHO: Does The Finger Count?
WHAT: B2 66 Drill Weekend Trail
WHEN: Saturday 11 June – 1300 hare away 1330
WHERE: 4781 Elmore Rd (Softball fields
WHY: Summer running! Singing! Balls in the air!

A-A.  Dogs – yes with a leash. Stroller NO. ID possible indoor circle depending on the weather.

Hash cash is always $5