B2H3 24 Trails 24 Hours

Harriers and Harriettes!  It’s solstice – the longest day of the year.  To celebrate we’re going to abuse all of the midnight sun, our legs, and likely our livers.  That’s right – 24 Trails in 24 Hours.  What kind of madness is that you say?  Starting at 10 am Saturday trails will be set every few hours though out the day and night until 10 am Sunday (when the bars open).

$48 bucks gets you all the trails, a sweet patch, absurd bragging rights, beer, food, water, and 24-48 miles of sweet Alaskan shiggy!  REGO here https://squareup.com/store/b2h3/

What if I’m not an ultrarace-ist bastard? 
No problem!  We have hard starts every 3 hours, the locations of which are published here http://bearbottomhashhouseharriers.com/24-in-24/  Come on out for a regular length trail a mini circle and show support for the half-minds. All trails are A-B.  Hash Cash is only $5 per trail.

Why aren’t we doing something special for the solstice trail?
I’m so glad you asked that!  It won’t actually be the solstice, but you’re only going to be 10 minutes of day light off by the weekend.  At 22:00 there will be a Solstish Trail leaving out of Beer Can/Little Campbell Lake.  Trail will be A-A with food served at the end.  This happens to coincide with the 12 hour mark for the ultra-halfminds and they’re going to need to recharge.  Hash Cash for this trail is $10.

All these pricing schemes… so complicated.
Not really.  If you want to do the whole thing, pay the full rego – get the patch.
If you want to run a regular trail – show up and pay hash cash just like normal.  The Solstish Trail is more expensive because you’re getting food.  You don’t need to pre-rego – just show up and pay hash cash.

What can I do to help out?
Come to MisMan tomorrow and we’ll get you sorted.  We still need hares from Point Woronzof at 0100 and Westchester Lagoon at 0700.