B2H3 95 Donnie the Explora

Oh Donnie.  Trailus well markus.  Bearus no maulus.  Mudflats no emergency extractus.  Mosquitos no malarius.  Moosus no molestus.  Homeowner no shootus.  May he run us through shiggy like diarrhea warmly exploding all over our legs.

WHO: Donnie the Retard
WHAT: B2H3 95th trail – Donnie Does Deep South Anchorage
WHEN: Saturday 6 August 13:00 – Hare away 13:30
WHERE: Johns Park – 313 Bree Ave https://goo.gl/maps/4xzFxFKc3YL2
WHY: Because Donnie knows how to find new trails for your enjoyment!

Trail is A-A.1, No ID, WELL BEHAVED DOGS, Shiggy guaranteed.  Hash Cash is only $5.

B2 patches available at trail or shipped to you  https://squareup.com/store/b2h3/