B2H3 92nd Run – Hare School!

Aloha to all the inexperienced but enthusiastic (dare I say virginal) hares out there.  Too timid to jump in with both feet, but you still need to pop your haring cherry?  Wish there was a way to just dip your toe in the stream with being completely responsible for the pack’s enjoyment (and fearful of incurring their wrath with a s-h-i-t-t-y trail)?

Come out to HARE SCHOOL!  It’s a fun, safe, and (optionally) clean way of getting a little live action trail laying.

This is how it goes:
YOU are given a bottle of flour, a beer, and a timer.  You will run out to set an A-A trail for 15 minutes.  When you get back, the entire pack will follow your trail.  You will stay at the back of the pack AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.  Watch them fuck up your perfectly laid trail, lay the blame on you feet, and curse your name.  You will learn that those perfectly clear marks you thought you were putting down got blown away, were too small to see, were too hidden for a pack that small, etc.  You will also learn that no matter how good a job you thought you did, the pack gets more and more half-minded the more beer you leave for them.  Once the pack gets back, we’ll do a mini circle, take a little bit of constructive criticism, then do the whole thing again with another hare.

WHO: You!
WHAT: 92nd Running – Hare School
WHEN: Saturday 23 July 2016 13:00 – Hares 13:20ish, 14:20ish, 15:00ish, etc.WHERE: Kincaid Park – Raspberry Road Parking Lot https://goo.gl/maps/HuSaUsxRfzp
WHY: Because there is nothing better than tearing ass around the woods chasing bears and drinking moderately warm beer

A-A; NO ID, MAYBE Strollers; DOGS ON LEASHES; Hash Cash $5