On the 10th Trail of Hashmas…

My True Hare gave to me,
10 whistles blowing,
9 songs a singing,
8 boobs a showing,
7 cocks a swinging,
6 false indictments,
5 naughty checks,
4 water crossings,
3 virgins cumming,
2 bags of flour,
and the FRB drunk on his face!

Happy Sunday dear harriers and harriettes! Cum on out for one of the last few trails of Hashmas.

Donnie the Retard has the brilliant idea to help us work off our hangover, acquire great thirst and satisfy it with beer.

Where: 47th and Haru
When: 1/4/15 13:00 Hares away 13:30.

Dogs: YES ID: NO Shiggy: 1-2

Hash cash: Free!

If you want the series patch it’s $20 which also covers circle on 12/27 and 1/6. Didn’t make circle on the 27th? You should have come hashing. It’s still $20.