On the 8th Trail of Hashmas…

My True Hare gave to me,
8 boobs a showing,
7 cocks a swinging,
6 false indictments,
5 naughty Checks,
4 water crossings,
3 virgins cumming,
2 bags of flour,
and the FRB drunk on his face.

It’s Friday! And Friday is a… HASHING DAY! Thank G——–d for Friday.

Mandingo Massacre loves you all and wants you all to be happy. Or at least to acquire a great thirst and satisfy it with beer.

Cum get a little day light run in at
5411 Mockingbird Drive (Park near the swingset)

2pm Hares away at 2:30

Trail: A-A Dogs: YES ID: NO

Thank you Motley Speww and Struggle Snuggle for the sweet sounds that keep us happy on trail.  Wait, that’s beer and whistles…