On the 1st Day of Hashmas…

My true hare gave to me,
The FRB drunk on his face!

Dogs! ID!

 Shake off the Christmas funk with a sweet trail courtesy of Dr. Penis Venkman.

This is the first trail in the 12 Trails of Hashmas series, for which Motley Speww and Struggle Snuggle provided a fantastic song.

Just like the last series there is no circle after most trails AND trails are free. Circles, however, are $5. If you want a sweet patch that shows off which trails in the series you ran, pitch $20 at Uncle Bondage. That’ll cover the patch and circles.

Circles will be held on Saturday 27th and Tuesday 1/6.


12 Trails of Hashmas BEARLINE

12/26 Friday (South) – Dr. Penis Venkman
12/27 Saturday (West) – The Nut Wrangler
12/28 Sunday (North) – Red Blood Gives You Wings
12/29 Monday (East) – Uncle Bondage, Esq.
12/30 Tuesday (South) – Unholy Nipples
12/31 Wednesday (West) – HARES NEEDED
1/1 Thursday (North) – Red Blood Gives You Wings
1/2 Friday (East) – Mandingo Massacre
1/3 Saturday – BYE TRAIL – A2H3 “Ruin Your Resolutions”
1/4 Sunday (South) – HARES NEEDED
1/5 Monday (West) – Minnesota Goat Fucker
1/6 Tuesday (North) – Dr. Penis Venkman

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