On the 2nd Day of Hashmas…

My true Hare gave to me,
Two Bags of Flour,
And the FRB drunk on his face!

Come on out to the second day of hashmas AND B2’s last regular Saturday trail this year.

The Nut Wrangler has offered to lead us on a merry chase through Russian Jack park this week. Trail will be A:A, Dog Friendly, no ID on trail. Circle will be nearby, likely in a bar.

Saturday @ 1300 – Hares at 1330
Russian Jack Park on the EAST side SOUTH of DeBarr.

Hash Cash: $5
or if you’re the patch whore type, pony up $20 for the series patch and get circles for free.

Awards will be given at circle. Come out to see what you won!

Thanks to Motley Speww and Struggle Snuggle for the verses.

12 Trails of Hashmas BEARLINE

12/26 Friday (South) – Dr. Penis Venkman
12/27 Saturday (West) – The Nut Wrangler
12/28 Sunday (North) – Red Blood Gives You Wings
12/29 Monday (East) – Uncle Bondage, Esq.
12/30 Tuesday (South) – Unholy Nipples
12/31 Wednesday (West) – HARES NEEDED
1/1 Thursday (North) – Red Blood Gives You Wings
1/2 Friday (East) – Mandingo Massacre
1/3 Saturday – BYE TRAIL – A2H3 “Ruin Your Resolutions”
1/4 Sunday (South) – HARES NEEDED
1/5 Monday (West) – Minnesota Goat Fucker
1/6 Tuesday (North) – Dr. Penis Venkman

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