Words for 24/24

Congratulations to all the intrepid half-minds who boldly charged into 24 Trails in 24 Hours.  10 Hashers told their friends they were cumming, 15  showed up throughout the night.  Three hashers were either so committed, so drunk, or just to crazy to quit – going Down On A bull moose, Unnecessary Penetration, and Low Key ran the entire trail – clocking 35 miles.  Good job you ultra race-ists.  Uncle Bondage managed to stay alive for the entire event by strategically “supporting the event” driving the Shag Wagon during the longest legs.  He may have been spotted napping during his “support” legs.

Thanks to all the hares: DOA (twice!), Uncle B, Colorado Steamer, Unnecessary Penetration, Just Heather, Red Blood Gives You Wings!, Just Alyssa, Matthew McKindaGay, and Subaru nmy HUHU. Rumors of Dr. Penis Venkman and Low Key snaring Uncle Bondage, may or may not be true, but one thing is certain – Just Mickey (woof) accidentally hared trail 3 with Uncle B.

Double special thanks to Matthew, Red Blood, and Subaru for showing up with food, and hot bevvys.  Once the rain set in y’all kept everyone’s spirits up and let us keep going.

Thanks for making another incredibly dumb B2 event a success!